WE ARE BEST Export Agricultural Products


Pulses are very high in protein and fiber are low in fat. They are also nitrogen-fixing crops that improve the environmental sustainability of annual cropping systems. Pulses come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors can be consumed in many forms including whole or split, ground in to flours or separated into fractions such as protein, fiber and starch. We sufficiently supply pulses right from its origins in different kinds. Lupin, Sorghum, Pumkin Seed, Soya Beans, Desi Chickpeas (Shewa & Gonder), Kabuli Chickpeas (Shewa & Gonder), Horse Beans, Vetches.


Other than their delicious natures for making every dish tasteful, their organic compound is important for keeping a health status. From our delicious and healthy spices supplies, Coriander, Cardmom, Dry Ginger, Blackcumin, Fenugreek, Turmuric, Long Pepper.

Oil Seeds

Oilseeds such as Soybeans, Rapeseed, Canola And Sunflower Seeds are the basis for a wide range of foods, animal feeds and other products. We export these vital ingredients to the world’s market. Our products are comes directly from the rich farm lads of Wolega in different kinds. Safflower , Sesame Seed (Humera) , Sesame Seed (Wellega), Pea Nut, Castor Seed, Sunflower, Niger Seed, Rapeseed(Cake/Meal), Linseed.