WE ARE BEST Importing Genuine Spare Parts

Hitachi Genuine Parts

Whether you have a new Hitachi machine or an older model, we offer a wide range of parts to suit your budget. These include Hitachi Genuine Parts, remanufactured components, Performance Parts and undercarriages.

We put the same attention to detail and technological expertise into our parts as we do our machines. So you can be sure that they will give you the same level of reliability, durability and quality. And as a result, your machine runs with an optimum performance, lower maintenance costs, minimal unscheduled downtime, and ultimately achieves a higher resale value

Kobelco Genuine Parts

Kobelco offers a wide range of genuine parts to fit all Kobelco excavators. By choosing Kobelco Genuine Parts, you will ensure your construction machinery stays well-maintained and performs to its original specifications.

Soosan Genuine Parts

A Brand Achieved the Sales of 100,000 Units, SOOSAN Hydraulic Breakers

Power of SOOSAN Breakers boasting of the best power in the same class even in a small weight selected
by 100,000 customers over the world

  • A Copper Alloy retainer is applied for the seal retainer in order to prevent any scratches onto the surface of a piston which can be generated when the pin breakaway prevention type breaker is working.
  • A Loosening Prevention Stopper is applied for preventing any loosening phenomenun due to some impact or vibration which can be generated when the breaker is working.
  • The fixing pin breakaway phenomenun that can be generated by some impact or vibration when the breaker works has been solved revolutionally